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  1. Lexi insists on leaving but Jesus stops her and says it's his birthday too and that he wants at least one dance with her.
  2. During the surgery he reveals to Taub that when House was in prison Chase quit medicine and surfed for nine months.
  3. The next day, Jesus and Mariana go to visit Ana at her house.
  4. However, at the last minute, Chase finds the right diagnosis, a form of porphyria.

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He also correctly infers that Jessica Adams owns guns based solely on his analysis of her character and background. They were eventually adopted by Stef and Lena Adams Foster when they were around five-years-old after their former foster parents could no longer take care of them. Mariana says she is not ready to meet her yet.

But, when he comes across someone he is able to connect to, he ends up falling in love with the person. Mariana apologizes to her moms, who disagree and say she is wonderful. Mariana says that finally felt like she had a sister. The first incident occurred in Hunting when Cameron experimented with Methamphetamine and called Chase over to her house.

Lena and her mom disagree. She left when she realized that House had a heavy impact on Chase and she couldn't live with it, after her failed attempt to make Chase quit the hospital as well. The relationship ended after graduation. They read the list of people who will be reading again and she is disappointed when she finds out she is not on the list.

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Mariana tells Lena that that's not what a best friend does. She says that she doesn't think as she thinks they broke up a month ago. Chase begins to fall for Cameron, but she does not return his feelings.

The Honeymoon Mariana and Jesus get into an argument about who gets to spend time with Lexi before she leaves for Honduras. In the fourth season, however, they have a much more open relationship, often staying the night with each other. After this, naughty be Stef and her partner Lena Adams decided to foster the twins.

Mariana Adams Foster
  • When Cameron asks if it was either the hair or where she was working, he said where she was working, stating that her hair made her look like a hooker and that he liked it.
  • However, she has learned not to give in to how others make her feel and to be herself.
  • And now that your husband is dead, you're looking for your new charity case.
  • He joined Clean Teens in an attempt to start over.

When he came back, they started dating and they moved in together, but shortly after that Alex left to go on a tour. It should also be pointed out that before joining House's team, Chase already had completed a double specialty in intensive care and cardiology and had started a third in neurosurgery. However, his father continued to support the family excessively probably out of guilt.

This resulted in Zac moving away to live with his father. Logan Bayfield Mariana became interested in Logan when he moved next door to her and instantly tried to win him over by acting as if she had the same interests as him. For the first time in the history of this show, House shows emotion after Chase is stabbed from inducing a psychotic break in a patient, albeit an accident, his own fault. While she is usually kind, she can be naive when it comes to certain topics.

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He apologizes for bursting as they are family. Marianna and Jesus confront Brandon about kissing Callie. Chase was raised a Roman Catholic, and although he is no longer observant, he still considers himself religious. Later, he even puts up with letting Chase hit him in the face. When making it onto the dance team, dating a cancer she had overheard fellow dance teammates claiming she only made it because she's Latina.

After class, Lexi reveals to Mariana that it's definite that she'll move to Honduras. Had he not done so, the patient would likely have died. This led to them fighting more and simultaneously developing a deeper bond.

They remained best-friends even when Lexi had to move Honduras. They eventually dated for a while, however, Mariana decided that she wasn't ready to be in a committed relationship, and wanted to date other people as well as Logan. She's shown to be popular and is always organizing social events. Chase talks to House and Wilson at the bar.

She asks him to accompany her while she tells them and he agrees. House got everyone back except Cameron, who realized House had the right diagnosis all along but was merely manipulating everyone to get them back. Mariana vividly remembers a Christmas when she and Jesus were five years old and left alone at home for what felt like days while Ana was away getting drugs. Mariana was afraid of what he'd do if she ended things with him. As a result of Mariana's ankle injury, she and Emma pull an all-nighter so that they can implement coding into their dance performance for the dance-off.

This angers Kelsey, so Mariana decides that neither of them should be with Chase if it means ruining their friendship. Their biological mother was addicted to drugs and their father was in prison. She gives him a very strange look, before being interrupted. Escapes and Reversals Mariana's glad her best friend is back.

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Clean During dinner, the phone rings and it's for Mariana. Finally, Chase came clean to Cameron, who forgave him. However, empty nest dating his later training was outstanding.

He is unimpressed with Chase, unlike Marianna. House claims that he did it after receiving a call from Chase's father, but it is unlikely that this was the only reason. House even takes the blame for Chase's stabbing and again for the first time in the history of the show, apologizes sincerely to Chase Nobody's Fault. And in his version of events, they hooked up.

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Stef ends the fight and tells Mariana that she brought it upon herself. For example, when seeing old friend Garret had a new edgier scene and friends, she pierced her nose herself at home to fit in. They catch up and he invites her to a poetry slam with him.

This was possibly due to Wilson telling House he was afraid of change, possibly due to Chase's outburst, or possibly due to Chase's growing diagnostic skills throughout season three. She tells her birth mother that she has no more money to give her and frustrated, hangs up. House bets him a hundred dollars that he can act like an uncaring, unemployed American and still get plenty of women interested in him just because of his looks.

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