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Dating Agency Cyrano
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Dating Agency Cyrano Korean Drama
  • Moo-jin and Hye-ri's scene in the restaurant worried me more than anything else in this episode.
  • But what was Crazy Jung's actual beef with the Agency.
  • What a satisfying ending to such a satisfying drama!

Or is that just a mis-translation on dramafever's part? Love the drama so far, so I sincerely hope the writers don't sway from their fresh, unique twists to something makjang. There were too many stories left unfinished. If you look back at previous episodes, it all led up to this so nothing should be surprising.

This is done so to conjure a romantic ambiance. Kim won best screenplay at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Hurt, she asks if he did it to get rid of her, knowing how she felt about him.

Which means I have my recently acquired soft spot for Hong Jong Hyun to thank, for motivating me to finally check out this drama. Given how well things have turned out, it was definitely a good investment. Also, what about Master's sour feelings towards Byung-hoon? Thank you very much for the recaps!

Like hello, the man was stabbed - that's kind of a big deal! Cyrano, overall, was a top notch drama. So depending on your taste, you can indulge in your kind of eye-candy. Seung-Min doesn't recognize the woman at first, but then realizes the woman is Seo-Yeon.

It was a nice touch, the idol story was one of my favorite romances on the show. Hope the next tvN Oh Boy series will be as good as this. He tells Byung-hoon to be honest with her directly, dating is and not hide behind his mission. Chun-hee finally grew on me during the last episode. Byung-hoon mutters to himself that Seung-pyo had to go off-script and be extra-cool for no reason.

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If I was to name one of the drama's flaws, it would be the lack of developpement of Ah Rang and Moo Jin's characters. But it feels so last minute that I wish they could've incorporated this a bit sooner in the previous episodes. That, and he plays baseball with a team of college buddies and loooves his car. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

If she made decisions without the need for men to make them first, that would also be good. Gripes about the over-the-top scenes aside, you should take to the good- looking cast and hide the above misgivings under the theatre seat. Byeong-hoon is not keen on taking the case, as it turns out that Hee-joong is an ex-girlfriend of him. What I love the most is how the female protagonist was written. Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community.

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Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 14 Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Gi-joon starts an agency that helps people locate their long-lost first loves and Ji-woo becomes his first client. And at Cyrano Agency, I made my universe, my romance. Promotional poster for Cyrano Agency. Attract more intelligent and desirable dating prospects!

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Dating Agency Cyrano

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It's very, local very dangerous to be doing things emotionally as it'll often cloud your judgment at key important moments. There has to be a third person spying on them. It just seems farfetched and way overboard. And I really liked seeing Lee Chunhee here.

Cyrano Agency

Cyrano de Bergerac Comte Antoine de Guiche. Thus, Cyrano's tragic fate is changed, the theater is finally reopened, and everyone is ridiculously happy. Because in the end, speed dating in it's sincerity that will make romance work.

Dating Agency Cyrano Favorite. The Cyrano Agency is a dating agency which helps people who can't date to have a love life. Oh cute, they out-Cyranoed Cyrano.

Really hope the ending wraps up nicely. She is getting married this October, too! Did you think you mean something to me?

But then, is it even possible to bribe that many passers-by to hole umbrellas? It was the first show in the Flower Boy series that I've watched and it was fun. Not a show that warrants a lot of analysis, and neither does it need it.

Dating Agency Cyrano Episode 16 (Final) Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Ah, there are a few nice twists in this episode, zipping us nicely into the final stretch. Even in the best scenario, though, you have to admit that knowing situations were engineered takes the luster off, even if the feelings engaged were genuine. Sometimes the actors and characters have enough chemistry to make up for lack of story but this time I didn't feel they had it. Ah, such a easy and breezy watch, despite some faltering towards the last couple of eps.

  1. Really surprised by Master, did not know that actor.
  2. Did he just disagree ideologically with manipulating people's feelings?
  3. She did say something about the one who first come to rescue is the one who cares about you the most.
  4. So since the beginning, it was part of the plan.
  5. Capture your unique personality!
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Apparently somebody sent Mi-jin an email to tip her off, which is certainly strange. Gaaaaah happy ending, please. They are enjoyable to read. But its K-drama land and this drama wouldn't end as a rom-com.

He has that great look to him. The pacing allows us to dip into conflict here and there, but it never drags the angst out long enough to feel tiresome. Her family's dire circumstances and the encouragement of a noble's son finally drive her to attend Sungkyukwan University, forbidden for females.

It felt as if the writers were fighting the character all the way through. Overall this drama was a nice rom-com. After posting my new profile online I started to get attention of men that I was more attracted to.

After that they messed up. But when Byeong-hun sees Hee-joong's profile, he begins to doubt their abilities. But I'm not too worried because they avoided the usual silly things in dramaland so I'm sure it is going to rock my toes until the very end. Now aren't you glad they didn't stick to the original play?

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So Byung-hoon manages to say an apology, with a straight face and everything, but he does it quickly and with his face averted. Both Seung-pyo and Yi-seol arrive on opening day, as do Moo-jin and Hye-ri. That would have never happened in such a careless manner in real life. And this one follows it, but also offers a few laugh out loud moments that are quite original. Arrrrrgggghhhhh, Monday wouldn't come too soon!

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