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Martin Stute

Jung-Fu Lin Mineral physics, physics and chemistry of planetary materials, solid-Earth geophysics and geochemistry, high-pressure diamond anvil cell, X-ray and laser spectroscopy. The focus of applications is on method development and application to the exhumation of middle and lower crustal rocks in rifted margin settings. Contact Steve Laubach for more information about these opportunities.

Martin Stute

USGS Groundwater Dating Lab

Helium dating radioactive - Saw Creek Estates

Harm J Van Avendonk Van Avendonk is an active-source seismologist who specializes in the acquisition and inversion of seismic refraction data on land and at sea. Calvert, Paleomag- samples, Geochem. Edward W Marshall I am a high-temperature geochemist studying the Colorado Plateau lithospheric mantle. There are also two conference rooms to accommodate guests attending short courses and seminars. From plate tectonic and deformation processes to mantle evolution and dynamics and melt generation and volcanism, our research spans the range of tectonics and deep crustal processes.

There are several aspects to our laboratory that make it different from others. Prospective Students Graduate or Undergraduate Thank you for your interest in joining my research group! The test site is used for surface-based seismic and potential-field experiments performed in conjunction with downhole and crosswell experiments.

Helium dating

Characterizing a sewage plume using the 3H-3He dating technique

Ian O Norton Plate tectonics, structural evolution of continental margins, reconciliation of observations from structural geology with regional tectonics. Halliday, High averaged field global database, Geochem. All DeepDyve websites use cookies to improve your online experience. The Institute and Bureau also have extensive libraries related to their specific research areas. We He must be taken into account.

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The only constraints on the system are weight limits of the vessel and electrical requirements of the dedicated air compressors. Pamela Speciale My research interests include paleopiezometry, rock mechanics and strain localization in the lithospheric mantle. Seismic wave attenuation, Physical properties of rocks, Wave-Induced-Phenomena, Genesis of caves and speleothems, Reservoir characterization, Nuclear waste management.


First, this minerals, hamburg dating chat Geochim. Megan E Flansburg I am currently pursuing my M. The southern Cyclades can provide key information to understanding the development of the Aegean microplate during Cenozoic subduction of the African slab. To measured to evaluate background.

  • The project sounds very laboratory oriented, but it's really a combination of field and lab work.
  • Thomas M Etzel I'm driven by a desire to understand the evolution of Earth's lithosphere in both collisional settings and active geothermal systems.
  • Combined use of groundwater dating, chemical, and isotopic analyses to resolve the history and fate of nitrate contamination in two agricultural watersheds, Atlantic coastal plain, Maryland.
  • Because of its extensive exposures of ancient ocean suture zones and crustal fragments, Slovakia is an ideal location to study how continents grow.
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  1. To withstand pressures at large depth up to m in the oceans, all electronics of this instrument are kept inside a glass sphere which can withstand such pressures.
  2. These data indicate that the canyon was carved before the Bonneville Flood.
  3. Power control, navigation, video display, data acquisition and data storage are all performed by one topside processing unit.
  4. The issue in part it, how much can a single grain tell us before it's gone?
Groundwater Age-Dating for Water Resource Characterization
Cosmogenic 3He and (21)Ne dating of biotite and hornblende

The exposure age of this sample should that a large flood carved the canyon, consistent with the give the age of formation of the notch by scouring. Grains were chosen for anal- mortar. Sub-ppm detection limits are obtained routinely by laser ablation. The laboratory also houses a Bruker optical interferometric microscope to control laser ablation rates as well as a Raman system. Here, electrons bombard a regular rock thin section and the sample glows in visible light.

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The combination is powerful, but I think we can take things so much farther by combining double dating with other constrains. Sarah George My research focuses on elucidating the timing and mechanisms of shortening, exhumation, and basin evolution in the Eastern Cordillera of northern Peru and Ecuador. For dating the time period from the limit Planet.

The Reston Groundwater Dating Laboratory

Whether deep in the crust or at the Earth's surface, I see the physics and chemistry of fluid-rock interactions as a unifying lens to probe whole-Earth geochemical cycles. Explore the DeepDyve Library Search or browse the journals available. Richard J Chuchla Graduate studies were focused on igneous processes, magmatism and related formation of ore deposits. Robert M Reed Microstructural analysis of rocks, dating particularly small-scale deformation structures and pores in mudrocks. Dominik A Kardell I am interested in the evolution of oceanic crust and the processes that affect its physical properties.

Petrographic Microscopes Micro-scale imaging of rocks using directly observed visible light. Export folders, citations. Evelin G Gutierrez My Master's thesis involves stratigraphy, geochronology, and provenance analysis of the basin-fill deposited during orogenesis, as well as seismic structural analyses. Research From the Core to the Cosmos.

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Micro-scale imaging of rocks using directly observed visible light. Also many projects involve sailing on research vessels to study active spreading centers in various corners of the globe. See the journals in your area. The samples were using the vesicularity and density.

Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology -- Chapter 13 references

Structural Diagenesis Initiative Structural diagenesis is a new perspective on interaction of mechanical and chemical processes at high crustal levels in the Earth. The alternative model is across the notch. The air abrasion tumbled the grains crushed. Trapped helium analysis distributions. William D Carlson Field, analytical, and experimental studies of metamorphic petrogenesis, dating website seeking with emphasis on the rates and mechanisms of metamorphic reactions.

She studies the behavior of geologic materials under high stress levels and complex stress paths. The magnetic mortar and pestle is corrections to the production rate. Gail L Christeson Marine seismology, mid-ocean ridge structure and emplacement processes, oceanic crustal structure, ocean-bottom seismology, seismic refraction. My research aims to determine the structural history of Ios Island in the southern Greek Cyclades. Geological Survey, most state geological surveys, and those of many foreign countries.

One is our automatic handler system created at California Institute of Technology and adapted for our needs. Dietrich b a Earth Sciences Division, E. Hart, He diffusion in olivine, Earth Planet. Deposited in the lower Pleistocene and is approximately feet thick.

Marc A Hesse Multiphase flow in porous media, geomechanics, numerical simulation, mathematical, modeling, reactive transport, online abc magma dynamics. Estibalitz Ukar Fracture analysis and structural diagenesis Brittle structural petrology Fractured carbonate rocks Tectonics and metamorphism of subduction zones. Nicola Tisato Experimental rock physics and rock mechanics. Geological applications of high-resolution X-ray computed tomography.

For more information on the initiative see the Structural Diagenesis Initiative web site. In this, I have interests that span a broad range of range of plate boundary processes and laboratory approaches. If you're interested in joining the lab, please contact me directly rempe jsg.

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